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Ice Blast

Global warming has caused a radical climate change and now the world freezing over! Only you and your team can save our planet!


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In Ice Blast game you will control three unique characters that must save our planet from impending doom. Global warming has caused radical climate change and the world is freezing over! Strange ice crystals have started forming all over the globe... Only you and your team of ice demolition experts can save the world from another Ice Age!

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7,
CPU: 600 Mhz,
RAM: 128,
DirectX version: 7.0,
Hard Drive free space: 29 MB

Full version: unlimited levels and game time.
You can download free version of this game and play it 60 minutes for free by clicking "Download game " link below. If you will like it then you can register full version of this game without any limitations!

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0 #1 Carl 2009-02-25 09:05
cool game guys! ;-)
but I think it could be much better!
0 #2 chelsea 2010-01-11 04:02
:lol: i would like to have this game for myself and my brother lots of love from chelsea claire louise welch.

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