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  Kivi’s Underworld Game Review

Kivi’s Underworld takes players through a world that is under attack, but the only one that knows the world is under attack is Kivi. He takes it upon himself to save his world. Kivi sets out on one quest, in a role playing (RPG) setting, at a time and each quest progresses the story line.

Kivi’s Underworld is a RPG, but it is a bit different from other RPGs. Players still have their characters and have the ability to upgrade their character stats, but this RPG is arcade based. Each quest has a definite ending and the player has the option to stop that quest when it is complete. The other difference with this game is points are very important. The more points you can accumulate through a quest the more ability points you will receive at the end of your quest. Of course, ability points allow players to upgrade their character’s stats, such as health, defense, offense and such. kivis underworld

 Each quest is almost like a level. Players complete the objective of the quest and can opt to be done with the level, but if they stop there they will probably only get 1 ability point. Each quest has multiple secrets to find and players should attempt to find the secrets because they will increase your score and you can progress your character quicker.

Players can choose to play Kivi or any of his companions. Kivi and his companions each have different abilities or classes. Kivi is good with the sword (warrior). Kivi has many companions, such as Warlocks, Ninjas and even Battle Mages, which are good with swords and magic. Players pick a character and start out on an adventure.
On each of the quests the characters have to navigate around the underworld and they are helped out by a min-map in the corner of the screen. The mini-map will show green dots for things that won’t hurt you and red dots for enemies on the screen. Players can break open barrels and discover chests. Some barrels and chests contain power-ups, but only three power-ups can be held at one time. The power-ups are on the side of the screen and can be used by clicking on them. The power-ups are standard role playing power-ups, such as stone skin, haste and regeneration.

kivis underworldThe graphics in the game are awesome. The characters contain enough detail to tell them apart when you choose a different character. The enemies are easily discernible as well. Players can easily tell the difference between a skeleton and a zombie. The level art is dark and menacing. Exactly what you think a dark underworld would look like.

Kivi’s Underworld is a great game that offers lots of fun and challenge. Players get to play an RPG in a casual setting. Players can choose to continue playing or stop when the quest is done. The game offers plenty of game play and a world worth exploring. Kivi’s Underworld is a great game for any RPG fan, but would also be a good game for someone looking to discover the magic of an RPG game. I recommend that everyone check out Kivi’s Underworld for a great casual RPG.

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