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● Play PC games and relax!

Casual games help us to relax

Pretty often, while in the stuffy, overcrowded with noisy officers and ringing phones office one would wish to forget about all of this for a couple minutes and simply get away from it .

So-called "Casual Games" are the ones to help you survive such moments. Such games became pretty popular today as they don't need you to have any special computer skills to play...

Casual games are getting more and more popular, especially the Action & Arcade Genre of those, Hidden Object Games, different simulators (store-, restaurant-, farm-models etc.), Time Management games, logical games, Match Three games, Adventure and Shooter games.


Time management gameShooters


You need to turn on the computer and start up the game installation file. That's it. Installation program will tell you what to do next. After installation is over, as a rule, you'll always find the way to get the game started up automatically. And right here the most interesting thing happens! Most of us assimilate to the drug-users, we become game-addicted, in positive meaning of the word and keep playing the game (if favorable circumstances) till the eyes are heavy, till your grumbling boss (or wife) drives your off the computer. All your thoughts stick with the game only, this process drives you deeply, but if the free minute happens and the choice is: to go get the trash out or to play your favorite shooter game... your choice is so predictable: trash might not be thrown away till the game is over!

Why do things happen this way?

Things are really easy to understand. Researchers' resume such a way of human behavior depends on our brain self-protecting instinct, as we are so deeply loaded with our daily routine matters and charged with our job highly, our brain gets overloaded with information flood and warms up sensu stricto; this can lead to unpredictable consequences. Academicians of different science-brunches were known to get mad or their brains got injured seriously while trying to acquire a food of new information .

While playing a computer game the one switches on it completely, leaves all the rest of thoughts away and the brain gets a bit of rest . Occurrences often happen, when you can't get the office worker off a simple mini-computer game playing.

Considering the above-mentioned, my dear, I'd wish you to have some rest from your job and daily routine matters. Let your brain relax a bit when playing simple fascinating mini-games! A huge choice of those is represented to your attention at Pc-Games4Free.Com web site :)

Author: Eugene, Pc-Games4Free.Com administrator
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