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● The age of Indie PC games: fun, free, forever!


indie games

If you're a fan of gaming away on your PC and your shelves have the same amount of software as your local games retailer, it's likely you'll be all over the indie gaming market. If not, you're missing out, because indie games are fast becoming one of the biggest genres to ever hit the shelves.

 The most interesting thing about them is that they are, as the nomclature suggests, completely independent, and as a result, this means they're often either cheap, or completely free.  

There are a lot of free-to-play multiplayer Flash games, and all you need here is an internet connection and a computer to play on, and you're able to have hours of fun at no cost in terms of the game itself. 
indie games

Some online games support themselves through advertising, others through paid content, such as extra levels, abilities, or special armour and other items that will encourage die-hard fans to make purchases. 

The most important thing about having a free PC games market is that it raises the bar for the games you pay for. If they can't beat the level of enjoyment you're having with free game, you won't buy their software, and for them this poses the challenge of having to consistently beat the best titles on the free games market.

indie games

Games have always been a buyer's market, and this has only gotten better with the arrival of shareware that can become a massively popular title via the medium of the internet. So get out there, and start enjoying the high-quality free content that's just waiting for you. A new era of gaming beckons.


0 #1 Andy Gray Jr. 2011-04-15 07:42
Hi folks! Anyone tells me where I get some indie games?

Thanx :roll:

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