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● Apparitions: Kotsmine Hills

Apparitions: Kotsmine Hills Assemble together with The Atlantic Paranormal Society and Peter Wren Paranormal Agency to inspect a gripping town in Apparations – Kotsmine Hills!

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Apparitions: Kotsmine Hills

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In year 1929 the winter was really terrible especially in Virginia at Kotsmine Hills, the whole town was snowed in. At the same time an incomprehensible fire broke out and briskly spread through the town. Ambushed between a wall of snow and a block of fire, a lot of people divested their lives. From that awful day those spirits have been fidgeting and bob for peace.

This new case about lonely mining town suffering from an appalling disaster was given to the Peter Wren Paranormal Investigative Agency and they have to work on it very carefully. A snowstorm slides through the area, enveloping the town and insulating it from outside support.

Employees at the local Kotsmine Mill were called in the meanwhile the storm to renovate some machinery that had been incapacitated, but a fire exploded during their attempts, and nearly everyone was killed comprising people living in close-by homes. All the houses burned down in the proliferating conflagration. Maybe the spirits of those dead people are still infesting the town.

Couple with The Atlantic Paranormal Society and Peter Wren Paranormal Agency and encourage investigators challenge the clues in order to break in this mystery.  Enter the town in Apparations – Kotsmine Hills, and find your way in a ghostly Hidden Object game.

More information about this game

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7,
CPU: 1.6 GHz,
RAM: 512,
DirectX version: 8.0,
Hard Drive free space: 66 MB

Full version: unlimited levels and game time.
You can download free version of this game and play it 60 minutes for free by clicking "Download game " link below. If you will like it then you can register full version of this game without any limitations!

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