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If you're a fan of gaming away on your PC and your shelves have the same amount of software as your local games retailer, it's likely you'll be all over the indie gaming market. If not, you're missing out, because indie games are fast becoming one of the biggest genres to ever hit the shelves.

†The most interesting thing about them is that they are, as the nomclature suggests, completely independent, and as a result, this means they're often either cheap, or completely free. †

Card games getting more popular

card games†Card games become more and more popular nowadays, and the great game among them is surely Ė Poker. It has betting rules and hand rankings. There are a plenty of poker games and they differ in forming of the hands, in the cards` action, tops on hazard sizes and number of rounds they allow.

At the beginning Poker was fundamentally a competitive activity bottled up to scanty groups of essentially male admirers. Day by day its audience is growing and today you can find poker fans nearly in every country, it has different tournaments where you can win real money. And the main thing is that women take an active part in making the popularity of Poker game widespread.

Kivis Underworld Game Review

kivis underworld

††Kiviís Underworld Game Review

Kiviís Underworld takes players through a world that is under attack, but the only one that knows the world is under attack is Kivi. He takes it upon himself to save his world. Kivi sets out on one quest, in a role playing (RPG) setting, at a time and each quest progresses the story line.

Kiviís Underworld is a RPG, but it is a bit different from other RPGs. Players still have their characters and have the ability to upgrade their character stats, but this RPG is arcade based. Each quest has a definite ending and the player has the option to stop that quest when it is complete. The other difference with this game is points are very important. The more points you can accumulate through a quest the more ability points you will receive at the end of your quest. Of course, ability points allow players to upgrade their characterís stats, such as health, defense, offense and such.

Play PC games and relax!
Casual games help us to relax

Pretty often, while in the stuffy, overcrowded with noisy officers and ringing phones office one would wish to forget about all of this for a couple minutes and simply get away from it .

So-called "Casual Games" are the ones to help you survive such moments. Such games became pretty popular today as they don't need you to have any special computer skills to play...