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Build It! Miami Beach Resort Create a gorgeous beach resort in 1920, and evolve the same city through manifold decades in energizing game "Build it! Miami Beach Resort"!

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Establish your own beach resort! Commence in the 1920s with elementary bungalows and reach implausible heights. Play a sim game creating and building a tourist trap, Miami Beach, to decoy globetrotters to come and spend their money at your location. Every level starts with the new year: brilliant art-deco hotels, the development of the cinema, the first fast-food diner. Some time pass and you will receive giant hotels right on the beach.

An autocratic and callous supervisor fires Miss Claire Parker in the beginning of the 20th century. Soon Claire Parker learns that she has inherited a great amount of money along with a promising landholding from her uncle. She is a bit doubtful at first, because the only mode for this inheritance is for Claire to deep into the hotel business. She accepts the task, to prove to her former boss that she is accomplished of being successful. So a campaign of 60 levels starts and each grade bespeaking one year of her future life as a business woman.

Receive money from your hotel guests and create more buildings and upgrades. Recreational buildings, such as parks, playgrounds, or beach-volleyball courts do not afford any income, but they accumulate the attractiveness of your land, which is the only conspicuous factor to get more visitors. Leisure facilities, namely cinemas, bars, or restaurants on the other hand need tourists to be favorable. So there is always a stable alliance between your income, the attractiveness of your beach resort, and the number of buildings of each group.

Make good on renting out your hotel rooms, crack shops, restaurants and other leisure holiday tasks bring you engaging receipts in this pleasant Time Management game.

More information about this game

System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7,
CPU: 1.0 GHz,
RAM: 512,
DirectX version: 7.0,
Hard Drive free space: 95 MB

Full version: unlimited levels and game time.
You can download free version of this game and play it 60 minutes for free by clicking "Download game " link below. If you will like it then you can register full version of this game without any limitations!

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