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Elixir of Immortality Depart to a dismal island as you go on the chasing for a murderer in Elixir of Immortality, a lively Adventure game!

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Accept your chance to amble to unknown places and depart on a dreary island where you have to scratch around and descry a murderer in Elixir of Immortality, a gripping Adventure game! Assemble affirmations and track down the gangsters before they clout again in an excellent hidden object game Elixir of Immortality!

In the role of the detective you have to contrive who has been bumping off the hired help at the castle. Just after approaching to the island you are put to work because castle's residents need your help with their odd and mysterious projects. Search all the areas for the bits and pieces you need to finalize the tasks assigned to you by the offenders. Go through the beautifully drawn and marvelously detailed locations to ransack the items.

The castle and its grounds are chock-full of curious and admirable things, so prowling around them observing lost levers and adjuncts is a felicity.

Ascertain ancient secrets as you prospect the inscrutable island, and dig up the legendary Elixir of Immortality that so many people undertook to dentify! Do you go ahead to drink the Elixir in the immensely fun story?

More information about this game

System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7,
CPU: 800 Mhz,
RAM: 256,
DirectX version: 8.0,
Hard Drive free space: 198 MB

Full version: unlimited levels and game time.
You can download free version of this game and play it 60 minutes for free by clicking "Download game " link below. If you will like it then you can register full version of this game without any limitations!

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